EZvitz Invitations

Easy to Use Free Online Invitations

Animated Invitations and Evites


  • EZvitz is an online invitation (or evite) application for web, smartphone and tablet.
  • It is the perfect app for planning a party or other event. It makes it easy to invite friends and organize RSVPs.
  • We make it as easy as possible for you to create and manage online invitations across all devices and the web.
  • Designer graphics, background music and animated titles give your invitations a special touch.
  • Its easy to get started. Just log in with a Google account and create your first invitation. It costs nothing.

Standard Membership

  • Standard Memberships are free
  • Invitations are limited to one at a time
  • Invitations may be sent to a maximum of 90 guests

Premier Membership

  • Premier Memberships are available for a small fee
  • Premier members may create and manage multiple invitations
  • Invitations may be sent to hundreds of guests

General Information

  • You must have a Google account to use this site
  • EZvitz is compatible with Android, Apple and Other smartphones
  • Access EZvitz by smartphone app or visit our website
  • Standard memberships with full capability are FREE
  • A Premier membership is available with more extensive features